Monday, March 5, 2012

A day of rest

Saturdays are very much our day of rest. Because most of our week is chock full of football, Bible studies, cleaning, staff meetings, hanging out with friends and work, John and I try to reserve at least Saturdays for just hanging out together and doing whatever the heck we want. It's my favorite day of the week :)

But to say it's our day of rest is maybe a little misleading. We definitely rest at points....primarily when Rowan's conked out. But for the most part, we end up doing what we love to do....go! No two weekends are the same so every Saturday looks different. But they all tend to have the same feel

Wake up
Feed Rowan
Hang out with Rowan (maybe take a walk?)
Put Rowan down for a nap
Call of Duty/blog reading - you can probably guess who is doing what
Feed Rowan lunch
Go somewhere fun (fun for us...i.e. anywhere outside our home)
Bring Rowan back home for a nap
Throw in some P90x and mommy/daddy hang out time :)
Feed Rowan a snack
Go back out and do something fun
Eat dinner
Watch a movie or one of our favorite tv shows
Hit the hay

And there you have it....a typical Saturday in the life of the DeLuca's. Notice there is no cleaning involved...this is my favorite part. It's not much to write home about, but again, my favorite day of the week.

Yesterday, our big outing was the Home & Garden Expo in the Superdome. 

While we could pretend to be all cool and HGTVish let's be real and just say up front that we paid $9 each to stand on the floor of the Superdome. Well worth it.

However, I did score a pretty nifty cookbook from the Junior League of New Orleans 

They have some really neat southern/new orleans' cuisine inspired cookbooks. This is the next one on my list to get. And I got a sweet new vegetable peeler.

I was a little perturbed at how excited I was about the veggie peeler...but seriously it's AWESOME!! Easiest peeling experience of my life, plus the blade is made out of that crazy tungsten metal. And it's Swiss so....

My favorite part of the day, though. really centered around the usual.

John had a delicious pulled pork sandwich (don't tell Tony!)

and I stuffed myself with this mouth-watering bowl of red beans and rice. It wasn't Monday, the typical red beans and rice day in New Orleans, but pregnant ladies get to eat what they want, when they want. I'm pretty sure this is an actual law. Like a physics law or something. It probably originated with Newton.

Rowan tried the red beans, liked it at first, then threw the spoon back at me when he decided it was time for Cheerios instead. We're really rockin n rollin on the manners thing. What am I going to do with two?!

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