Friday, January 13, 2012

A Christmas of firsts

This year Rowan and I both spent our first Christmas ever at the beach. Rowan because it was both his first Christmas and his first time at the beach, and me because, well I've never been cool enough to be at the beach on Christmas. 

 At first he wasn't so sure about this sand thing.

But he got over it quickly enough.

He studied it

And tried to clean it, which is one of his favorite past times...picking things up and putting them behind him to clear a path. He had his work cut out for him with the sand, but he worked pretty diligently at it for awhile.

He definitely loved the water.

It turns out the only time he doesn't mind sitting in a wet diaper is if it's filled with salt water.

I apologize for the unedited nature of this clip, but that's just how I'm feeling today. :) No music this time, just Ro Ro and the sand.

Christmas #1 down, Christmas #2 still to come!

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