Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

On our first New Year's Eve together, John and I were cruising the streets of the French quarter dressed to the nines, watching our friends duck in and out of clubs, and waiting for the Riverboat fireworks display and the fleur-de-lis to drop. Fast forward two years and one baby later; I am writing a blogpost at 10 pm on New Year's Eve while the sweet sound of gunfire and online gamers serenade me in the background (thank you Modern Warfare 3). The funny thing is, aside from hating stupid video games that suck the life from my very soul, I don't really mind this Rowan-ized New Year's Eve. Something in me feels a little rebellious at the thought of going to bed before midnight. Will the new year still come if I'm not awake to ring it in? This departure from the majority makes me feel just cool enough not to feel like a total doop (I think I just made this word up, but it seems to fit). Plus, John and I figured out our own way to celebrate the end of another very eventful year.

Two words -- Sherlock Holmes. Eight more words -- most expensive movie theater experience of my life. We knew we were in trouble when we were greeted at theater #4 with a cheerful, "Are you ready to be seated?" and "Would you like a menu?" I was very confused as those two phrases fit nowhere into my movie-going paradigm. Clearly we had stumbled onto one of those fabled dinner-and-a-movie theaters. You know, the ones with the fancy shmancy leather seats and waiters who are at your beck and call the entirety of the film. Needless to say, this threw us off a bit, but what the heck -- it's New Year's Eve and we were planning on having lunch after the movie anyway (yes, going to a movie before noon greatly enhances babysitter availability -- we just get cooler and cooler). One grilled chicken salad, a flatbread pizza, soft drink, and small popcorn later we had racked up a $50 dollar tab. What?! Add this to our $20 matinee tickets and $15 parking fee and I was leaving with a stomach ache. The best part was when we realized we had just paid $85 to do what we always do -- sit on our comfy couch, eat dinner and watch a movie. Not cool, New Orleans, not cool. We did however manage to find a deliciously free dessert option when I discovered some left over Christmas candies in our car. We felt a little better after that.

Yes, this year I believe we are taking the road less traveled. Matinee movie, blogging and Modern Warfare 3. (Side note: John would like it to be known that he is NOT playing the afore mentioned video game alone. And I quote, "Can you at least say that I'm playing with someone." It's better if you can imagine it being said with a slight whine.) :)

I may not be conscious when you arrive, 2012, but I'm excited to hang out with you for the next year. Happy New Year!

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