Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ode to Sleep

Whoever said "Sleep is overrated" was obviously sleeping too much.

We do not have that problem.

If I could, I would change that quote to, "Sleep is that thing that I used to get a long, long time ago." or "One time I slept. And then I had babies."

Sleep feels like a long lost friend that doesn't really feel comfortable hanging out with me anymore. I wish I could entice sleep to spend a little more time at our house, but our lives have just gone in such different directions. It's obvious he doesn't fit in here anymore.

If I knew what sleep liked, I would shower him with gifts. I would bake. I would sing. I would dance on my head. I would do just about anything for sleep.

As far as I can tell, the feeling is not mutual.

I hate to say it, but I think my kids are part of the problem. They really don't seem to like sleep. Multiple times a day we talk about how wonderful sleep is. How much Mommy really REEEEAAALLLYY loves sleep.

But it doesn't seem to make much difference. I mean, I suppose I can't really blame sleep for not sticking around where he's obviously not wanted.

I just wish he would try a little harder.

What's exasperating is how untrustworthy sleep can be! I frequently go to bed with the hope and promise of deep and restful sleep. But so often I am disappointed. Yesterday started at 2 am; we didn't sit down again until 10pm. Where was sleep then? You understand my frustration.

I suppose this is the season of life we are in. A season of sleeplessness. And somehow, we are functioning without sleep. Although I do look forward to the day when he finds his way back to our home.

Until then, we will make due with naps. Naps, as you know is a close relative of sleep. While he's not nearly as deep or engaging, naps has given us a few blissful hours here and there. The children still don't seem to care for him, but Mommy has made naps non-negotiable. And although naps often has us tip-toeing around the house and fighting the urge to shoot the dog next door, we consider him a friend and a close second to sleep.

Sleep, you are loved and missed dearly. You, my friend, are anything but overrated.


  1. did sleep write you a dramatic break up letter that he then posted on youtube? :)

    1. P.S. (hopefully you read facebook first) I am so excited that you remembered and randomly referenced this. It has made my day infinitely happier! :)

  2. Girl I feel that way and I don't even have kids! haha! Just long days at work! Oh the joys of mommyhood . Remember, there's always a sitter (me) around the corner if you need a break or even a nap :)

    1. I will remember that! And we are always up for unexpected visitors. As long as you don't mind climbing over things to get to the couch....or the kitchen....or the bathroom..... :)

  3. I know i should sleep and nap all the time 24/7, not even spend any time awake lol i feel sorry for myself already... 4-6 weeks or less...

    1. haha this made me laugh so hard. You're gonna have a baaaaaaabyyyyyy!!