Monday, June 13, 2011

First Date

This past Saturday was date night - a one night memorial of pre-parenthood life....kind of. John and I went to the ACME Oyster House a la a gift card from the parents (thank you mom and dad). We spent a lot of the night comparing our first date ever with this, our first date as parents. It wasn't too hard to remember what it was like being on that very first date - not with our host making comments like "good luck man" and our waiter asking us if we'd like him to split the check. We must look younger than we think. But we did make some pretty interesting observations.

1) I talked a lot more this time around and John talked a lot less.

2) We are now ok with silences and awkward pauses.

3) We're significantly more comfortable talking about bodily functions (although monthly cycles is still a growth area for us).

4) We were still nervous on the drive to the restaurant (John almost ran a red light -- I smiled a lot).

5) My husband still knows how to make me smile.

6) We may have wondered if there would be a second date, but it was for entirely new reasons.

7) And the biggest difference is that we get to come home to the same house, the same bed, and one sweet boy who one day may miss us greatly, but at this point doesn't really recognize that we're gone (I try not to take it personally).

It was good to get out of the house. I think we needed it more than we realized. So, I'm already looking forward to the hopefully not-so-elusive date #2. We have a gift card to the Olive Garden so the odds are pretty good. :)

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